True bone conduction eyewear

Aurello is the ultimate true bone conduction eyewear for both audio enthusiasts and those with conductive hearing loss.

True Bone Conduction

ideal for those with Conductive Hearing Loss

Aurello’s Bone Conduction Transducers have been tailored to maximise the amount of acoustic energy that enters the skull, achieving true bone conduction.

FormFlex allows for a Universal Fit

The spring-loaded design adds a gentle force onto the Mastoid Process bone for the perfect balance of sound absorbtion and comfort.

1.5N / 153g of force

allows for all-day comfort.

Universal Fit

FormFlex allows Aurello to 'hug' the back of your head, allowing a universal fit for anyone.

The adjustable nose pads offer users the flexibility of adjusting the size that is best suited for them.


Allows users to calibrate their devices, update Aurello software and try new features, creating a seamless and easy-to-use experience

True Bone Conductive Eyewear

By adopting a try, test and fail approach, the AKUOS acoustics team developed over 25 prototypes to tailor the transducer, allowing for better frequency response, lower distortion and better power efficiency for the end user


Allows users to calibrate their devices, update Aurello software and try new features, creating a seamless and easy-to-use experience

129 prototypes. 61 months of R&D.

2 sizes, with Universal Fit.

Every order comes with a Sizing Kit to help you find the right size before we ship.
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Small: 139mm
Large: 145mm

79 grams
2.78 oz


Battery Life: Up to 12 hours of hearing assist or up to 5 hours of Bluetooth audio
App: iOS and Android
Lenses: Clear (Aurello is also compatible with most opthalmic lenses)

What’s in the box?

AKUOS Aurello
Carry Case
USB-C Charging Cable
Cleaning Cloth

There is a big stigma associated with the treatment of hearing loss. Aurello offers individuals an eyewear form factor that is destigmatising, allowing for both a longer battery life and easier feedback control.

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How it works

Aurello is a bone conduction hearing aid eyewear, serving the conductive and mixed hearing loss market, representing one of the few green-field commercial opportunities left in modern medicine. The carefully chosen design and material properties ensure that the device sits comfortable on the face of the wearer and at the same time enough force is applied for efficient sound conduction.

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What is the difference between traditional hearing aids and AKUOS Aurello?

Although Aurello is not medically certified, we have designed Aurello to meet certain IEC hearing aid standards. We decided to certify the device at the consumer level, making it easier and more cost effective to reach our first 500 users.

Is AKUOS Aurello for me?

Aurello is suitable for those without hearing loss, like any other bone conduction headset on the market. However, as Aurello is a true bone conduction device, those with conductive hearing loss can benefit from using Aurello for both listening to music or amplifying the environment around them.

How do I set up my AKUOS Aurello?

Aurello is (almost) as easy to use as a regular pair of glasses. Open it and put it on - it turns on! Take them off and close it - it turns off.

Once you get your Aurellos in the mail, simply open the packaging and follow the instrictions to set up your Aurellos for the first time. There will be a link to download the Android or iOS app in the packaging.

How do I get technical support for my product?

We offer technical support based in Singapore, and we honour warranty in our main markets - Singapore and Australia. Any warranty claims outwith these countries will require the customer to bear the cost of shipping to our repair centres in either Singapore or Australia.

To get started, reach out to

Could I use my AKUOS Aurello to take phone and video calls?

Yes. When you start a call, Aurello Own-Voice Pickup will capture your voice, reduce background noise around you and your voice will be heard loud and clear!

Can other individuals hear the sound coming from my AKUOS Aurello?

Only if you play music at full blast, people around you may hear something. But we've gone to great lengths to reduce sound leakage to those around you.

Is bone conduction safe?

Yes. The device is not able to produce perceived hearing levels that exceed legal limits. Aurello is non-invasive, meaning that no surgery is required. It is as safe as any other headset on the market.

Caution should be taken when using the device when operating heavy machinery. Use your Aurello in a safe and familiar environment first, before using it out and about.