About Us

AKUOS is Asia’s first company to focus on technologies that augment human experiences to improve the lives of individuals. It looks to tackle stigmas, innovate and design solutions that will enable people to break through the physical limitations that come with conditions such as hearing loss, with other solutions currently in development.

Using the power of cutting edge engineering, artificial intelligence and manufacturing we create devices that help people be and do more, addressing not just disabilities but also increasing the potential of their capabilities. AKUOS aims to create technology solutions that put people first, championing human capabilities and delivering on the promise of living more fulfilled lives.



AKUOS' mission is to improve lives through human augmentation technology by delivering trustworthy engineering, insights and innovative capabilities that help people boost their lives.
We believe in safeguarding individual autonomy through technology, and we are committed to delivering innovative human augmentation solutions that continuously improve and anticipate people’s physical, cognitive and social needs.

Our People

Stuart Kerr
Founder CEO

Previous: ADTEC, Dyson, 10+ years engineering and manufacturing experience
Maher Aseeri
Electronics Lead

Previous: Infineon, Hope Technik, 10+ years engineering and manufacturing experience
Xenia Batllori
Chief Marketing Officer

Previous: IMATGE, ELEMENT AI, +18 Marketing / Management, TV & Film, PR and Communications experience
Prof. Glenn Dickins
Acoustics Consultant, Investor, Advisor

Previous: Ex- Principal Architect, Dolby Labs
Tarasvin Pan
Junior Engineer

NUS: Mechanical Engineering with a second Major in Innovation and Design